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Heavy Duty HVAC Condensers

Visionaire carries heavy duty HVAC condensers for almost any application. When it comes to finding the correct remote mount condenser “one size fits all” does not apply. Matching the condenser to the evaporator is very important. Visionaire offers a variety of forced air condensers in both 12 and 24 volts. Call us and we can assist you in determining the correct size condenser for your application.

Forced Air Condensers
Heavy Duty HVAC Condensers
3000 • Compact Condenser • For Small Cabs (View Product)
The model 3000 compact condenser is designed for small cab applications. This forced air condenser can be used with the model 4000 and 4100 evaporators.
Model 3010 Heavy Duty HVAC Condenser

3010 • Compact • Mount Vertical or Horizontal (View Product)
Mounted to a vertical or horizontal surface, the model 3010 compact condenser is versatile and rugged. Ideal for use with the model 4000, 4100, and 4050 evaporators. The 3010 unit is also available with an externally mounted Drier and Binary Switch.

Model 3025 Heavy Duty HVAC Condensers

3025 • Rugged • Low Profile (View Product)
The model 3025 is a rugged, low profile condenser perfect for back of day cabs or any cab where space is limited and superior performance is needed. A perfect match for any 16,000-20,000 BTU evaporator. Pictured with optional Drier below.

Model 3030 Heavy Duty HVAC Condenser

3030 • Various Mounting Configurations • Low Profile (View Product)
With various mounting configurations and low profile design, the model 3030 is easily adaptable to most vehicles. Ideal for use with any mid-size evaporators, including the model 4050, 4050M and 4030 evaporators.

Model 3060 Heavy Duty HVAC Condenser

3060 • High Capacity Single Fan • For Large Cabs (View Product)
The model 3060 is a high capacity single fan condenser design for large cab applications. It can be used in conjunction with the model 4161 evaporator or other high capacity evaporators.

3080/3081 • High Capacity Three Fan • For Large Cabs (View Product)
The model 3080 (OEM) and 3081 (Aftermarket) is a high capacity three fan condenser designed for large cab applications. Giving the customer options for mounting, this model can be installed under or above a horizontal surface. 3081 does not come with a coil guard, but it can be added as an option.

3085 • Mounts Vertical or Horizontal • Slim Profile (View Product)
The 3085 is a rugged and versatile unit that can be mounted to a vertical or horizontal surface. Slim profile design and steel construction are a winning formula for the toughest of jobs. This unit is designed to be paired with high capacity evaporators. Available in both 12/24 VDC.

3110 • Condenser and Hydraulic Drive Compressor (View Product)
The model 3110 is both a condenser and hydraulic drive compressor. Combining both to save on space and for ease of installation. Ideal for use on boom trucks and oilfield cabs.

3130 • Heavy Duty • Mounts to Roof-Top or Outside Wall (View Product)
Heavy duty, powder coated steel forced air condenser with hydraulic driven compressor. Mounts on roof-top or outside wall. Pair with 4030 evaporator for optimum performance.