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Off-Road Vehicle Compressors

The heart of every air conditioner is the compressor, and Visionaire offers a variety of off-road vehicle compressors giving our customers flexibility in almost every application.

Our hydraulic drive compressors have many advantages. Mounting a hydraulic drive compressor closer to the air conditioner eliminates the need for long refrigerant hose runs. It also provides an alternative when there is a lack of available engine space or when an engine compressor mount kit is not available. In applications where the cab is mounted separate from the engine on a 360 degree swivel, this compressor works great!

There are a variety of engine drive compressors available to choose from. Visionaire stocks most sizes and models of off-road vehicle compressors. Give us a call to discuss your specific compressor needs and options.

Hydraulic Drive Compressors   (Click Here to View Products)
Off-Road Vehicle Compressors

Visionaire, Inc. has been building hydraulic compressor drives for many years. Our proven and custom designs have been in service with equipment OEMs since 1994. The models shown here are our most popular. Call for information about connecting to your open center, constant pressure, or load sense hydraulic system. We also supply pumps, valves and flow controls.

Engine Drive Compressors   (Click Here to View Products)
Off-Road Engine Drive Compressors

Engine drive compressors used in conjunction with heavy duty or off-highway equipment air conditioning systems have been used for many years. In applications where the compressor can be installed easily to the vehicle engine and the location is close to the A/C system, this installion is most economical. Compressors are made by several different manufactures, come in different sizes, voltages, and output capacities. Visionaire offers a variety of engine drive compressors and accessories. When it comes to choosing a compressor or mount, matching the correct parts for your system very important, call us with your application so we can help you with your compressor needs.