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Heater Products from Visionaire

Visionaire Inc. offers a variety of heater products to fit most applications, from small, single person cabs up to large, cargo areas.

Diesel truck heaters provide instant heat – and will provide the warmth needed if you are running at a low idle or the engine is shut-off.  Add heat to your vehicle without adding coolant hoses.

Visionaire Inc.’s engine coolant heaters are for heavy duty applications in truck and tractor cabs, work equipment and truck sleepers. Visionaire Inc. also can supply a large variety of installation hardware, ducts, louvers, water pumps and controls.

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Heater Products

Visionaire, Inc. offers low profile coolant heaters to suit any needs – including large spaces in extreme conditions. Made with quality and rugged construction, these heavy duty HVAC coolant heaters pack a big punch.

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Off Road Heater Products

Webasto diesel heaters provide instant heat, and will provide the warmth needed for your off road cab regardless if you are running at a low idle or if the engine is shut-off. The Webasto Airtop series provides the solution to any application where engine coolant is not available, or operator wants to heat the cab while the engine is shut-off. Visionaire, Inc.’s Model 42-2900 is an innovative design that utilizes a diesel fired coolant heater to provide coolant heat to an in-cab heat exchanger.