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Diesel Fired Heaters

Webasto diesel heaters provide instant heat, and will provide the warmth needed regardless if you are running at a low idle or if the engine is shut-off. The Webasto Airtop series provides the solution to any application where engine coolant is not available, or operator wants to heat the cab while the engine is shut-off. Visionaire, Inc.’s Model 42-2900 is an innovative design that utilizes a diesel fired coolant heater to provide coolant heat to an in-cab heat exchanger..

Diesel Fired Heaters
Diesel Fired Heaters
Air Top 2000 ST • Compact • Small Crane Cabs (View Product)
The Air Top 2000 ST is a perfect fit for small cabs, such as a crane cab, or any other application where you are trying to take the edge off. It’s compact size allows it to be installed under the bunk in a sleeper compartment, or under the seat of a crane. This is a perfect solution to the Hunter brand propane heater that are installed in various crane applications. The kit comes with everything you need to install.
Model 3900 Diesel Fired Heater

Air Top Evo 3900 • Larger Spaces • Colder Climates • Extreme Conditions (View Product)
The Air Top Evo 3900 is a larger version of the Air Top 2000 ST. For colder climates and/or larger spaces, this heater is what you need. Will work in extreme conditions (down to -20°F) in most cabs. The kit comes with everything you need to install.

Air Top Evo 5500 • Larger Cargo Areas • Extremely Cold Climates (View Product)
The Air Top Evo 5500 is the most powerful diesel fired air heater available from Webasto. Made for larger cargo areas, this heater will keep the area comfortably warm in extremely cold climates. Immediate heat output providing direct heat precisely when you need it.

2900 • Compact • Self-Contained Diesel Fired Coolant Heater • Perfect for Crane Cabs (View Product)
Visionaire Inc.’s Model 2215 ductable coolant cab heater is perfect for mid to large size cabs. Where heat is needed, and engine coolant is not readily available, our 2900 compact, self-contained diesel fired coolant heater is the answer. This heater box includes a Webasto Thermo Top C heater, fuel pump, fuel filter, coolant reservoir, and all hardware needed for complete install. An optional fuel tank is available if you do not have access to the machines fuel. Perfect for crane cabs, where running coolant lines through the swivel is not an option.