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Evaporator/Condenser Combos
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Evaporator/Condenser Combos

Visionaire evaporator and condenser combination units are typically mounted to the cab roof or outside wall. In applications where space is limited, this type of installation eliminates the need for taking up large areas of insidespace. Optionally, our standard engine driven compressor or remote mount hydraulic driven compressor are available.

Evaporator/Condenser Combos
Evaporators & Condenser Combos
7000 Compact A/C • Roof Mounted (View Products)
The Model 7000 is ideal for Skid Steers, Mini Excavators, Forklifts, Loaders. The compact design allows for mounting to small operator cabs with limited roof space. The all steel construction makes this unit last in those harsh environments.

Model 7055 Rooftop Mount Air Conditioner (View Products)
The new model 7055 is ideal for, Skid Steers, Mini Excavators, Forklifts & Loaders. The 7055’s compact design allows for mounting to small operator cabs with limited roof space.

7060 Mount on Vertical or Horizontal Space (View Products)
The new model 7060 roof mount air conditioner and heater is ideal when you need high performance in a small to medium size cab. The low profile design helps to minimize the overall cab clearance height.

7070 A/C and Heater • Roof Mounted (View Products)
Work equipment with a large cab? No problem. The model 7070 roof mount air conditioner and heater is a proven design that is a able to deliver the performance needed and withstand those tough environments.

7070 P A/C and Heater • Roof Mounted • Air Filter Pressurization System
The model 7070 P roof mount air conditioner and heater incorporates the model 7070 with our custom designed roof plate and fresh air filter pressurization system. Pressurizing the inside of the operator cabwill help keep the inside clean. (View Products)

7100 Compact A/C • Outside Wall Mounted (View Products)
The 7100 compact air conditioner is similar to the model 7000 but designed as an outside wall mount unit. A small operator cab with limited available space makes this unit ideal.

7110 ED A/C • Engine Driven (View Products)
In an application where the work equipment does not have available hydraulic power, the model 7110 ED (Engine Drive) is the same as the 7110 self-contained system less the built in hydraulic driven compressor. This application would require a remote mounted compressor. It is designed to free blow into the cab or an optional inside console is available.

7170 • Increased Airflow (View Products)
Based on a proven design, the 7170 was created with reliability and maintainability as it’s key design elements. The 7170 has been improved to increase airflow, run even quieter and mounts to the identical points of its predecessor. The redesigned system is easier to install with bulkhead mounted hydraulic fittings, an air plenum that allows for multiple ducting options and remote electrical control option for operation from the cabin control station.