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6270 Pressurizer with Pre-cleaner • Remote Mount

The 6270 Pressurizer with Pre-cleaner can maintain cab pressurization over long operating periods, even with A/C off. There are many way to mount the 6270 Pressurizer with Pre-cleaner, giving you options and flexibility.

6270 Pressurizer with Pre-cleaner


  • Mounting: Can be installed on a variety of different types of machines, typically roof or hood mounted with 5 bolts
  • Filter: HE High Efficiency – HEPA (FEFF004)
  • Performance: Efficiency is based on selected filtration package; Operation range ideal: 0-75 C.F.M; Operation range extended: up to 100 C.F.M. Operating temperature: -40° C to +80° C continous; +100° C short exposure
  • Dimensions: Approximately 10.5”W x 27”L x 10.25”H and weighs 8 pounds without filter
  • Construction: Glass-filled injection molded polypropolene exterior; metal fan blades; 80 watt 12V or 24V DC motor with sealed housing and sealed ball bearings
  • Cab Pressurization: Maintains designed cab pressurization over extended operating periods, even when A/C is off, resulting in dramatically increased operator comfort